The focus of this two areas lies on diseases of the hormone metabolism. Hormones play an important role in the development of growth, weight and sexuality as well as in intellectual abilities.


Besides abnormalities in growth and weight, overweight has become a major problem for children and adolescents.

Especially highly obese children tend to incipient diabetes and cardiovascular disorders to varying degrees (high blood pressure, heart muscle problems).

Clotting abnormalities and bleeding tendency which result from genetic causes, are major health risks when it comes to minor accidents. This also includes tendency to thrombosis.

Leukemia or other cancer diseases, such as bone diseases or diseases of the inner organs, could be the reason for abnormality in hemostasis.


  • Physical examination
  • Documentation of height and weight development
  • Ultra sound
  • Blood analysis
  • Hormonal stress tests


Nowadays, if individual hormones are missing, these can be administered relatively easily and injected synthetically or are provided to the body via special pumps, plus they are well tolerated.

To protect the body from damage a possible surplus production of hormones is being stopped by medications. Surgeries are rarely necessary. Small tumors, which produce hormones, can be selectively eliminated.

In cases of obesity or diabetes the help of our young patient is needed. The first step is a detailed nutritional consultation provided either by us or by a specialist diabetes consultation provided by one of our network partners. We are happy to offer you structured diabtes consultations.