Pediatric cardiology deals with inherited illness or acquired illnesses of the heart and the cardiovascular system.


Due to growth, when listening to a child or teenagers heart beat irregularities can frequently be noticed. Here, one of our main tasks lies in discovering potentially dangerous heart symptoms as soon as possible.

Cardiac arrhythmias may arise from a harmless reason. Still, seeing a specialist should always be the first choice.

Unexplained weight loss, poor weight development, conspicuous sweating, sustained coughing or lack of physical resilience can also indicate a cardiac diseas.

Young patients often complain about pressure of the chest or chest pain. This could be a case of inflammatory heart disease or tension of the spine or asthmatic symptoms.


  • Electrocardiogram
  • Extended ECG
  • Measuring of blood preassure
  • Measuring of oxygen
  • Ultrasound examination


In cases of structural cardiac irregularities such as those relating to the heart valve or abnormal blood flow, many times a heart surgery can help. This surgery can also be performed as a minimal invasive procedure, without opening the ribcage. If this is necessary, we will find the best surgeon for the specific disease pattern through our Europe-wide network.

Normally cardioactive medication is administered in cases of cardiac arrhythmia. But also in cases like cardio arrhythmia, minimally invasive surgery can provide relief. In this case medication will not be necessary.

If the young patient is obese or suffers from high blood pressure, besides medication a change of life style such as adiposity training can help.

In any case we provide comprehensive advice about all the options to the families und use all the know-how from our patient network.