A good recommendation: As a referring physician who cooperates with our practice you can benefit
from the positive effect of a pleased patient who will connect this effect with your practice.
There won’t be a competitive situation for you. Our clinic does not have any family doctors.
Therefore, there won’t be any overlappings but we might complement each other in a very welcoming way.

You have probably already experienced the following: You are confronted with a young person who needs a special approach, a special diagnostic technology and also a special medical expertise in order to deal with his uncommon symptoms. In this case our team of specialists will support you on a partnership basis.

We support you during your treatment

In the case of chronic and multiple diseases of complex nature we are reliable contact persons for family doctors and pediatricians who request support on particular topics. Due to interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists, who are gathered under one roof of a private diagnosis clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine as well as our ideal technical equipment; we are able to offer you the possibility of a productive diagnostic evaluation, which, with your help can lead to a successful treatment of your patient.